How to add vocal effects (iOS)

04/06/2022 02:31   •   2min read

The iOS vocal presets are powered by Auto-Tune® from Antares and give you unlimited customization to get a professional studio sound. We worked with Grammy-winning audio engineers to mix 50+ vocal presets to you can easily enhance your vocals.

6 Steps for using vocal effects:

1. Test out the different presets. Click on the "FX" near the record screen to view vocal effects collections. As long as you have headphones on you can hear what you sound like in real-time.

2. Get familiar with Preset Collections. We partnered with Grammy-winning producers to mix a wide range of vocal presets:

  • Classic - these are basic effects that are modeled after the original Rapchat vocal effects (and most are free)
  • Auto-Tune® - a bunch of variations to try and fit your style
  • Artist Type - these replicate similar effects that major artists use to get their signature sound. Some are even an exact recreation from the producer that mixed for the artist
  • Community - presets we're highlighting that were created by other Rapchat users
  • Custom - the custom presets YOU create and save
  • Favorites - any presets you've favorited

3. Record vocals while you monitor the preset. It's best to monitor your vocals with the vocal preset on so you can hear how your voice sounds while you sing or rap. You can always change the vocal preset after you're done recording. Again, make sure to use headphones and turn on monitoring in studio settings.

4. Customize your vocal presets. We gave you 50+ effects to find the best ones to suit you, but if you want to really get the best sound, you'll want to learn how to adjust the settings. Start by clicking the customize icon to open the Preset Settings. As you adjust the different parameters, you can listen to how it changes the vocals (see the play track at the bottom). You can also use the undo/redo if you make changes you don't like.

5. (Optional) Take some time to learn how to mix. It may look daunting, but we have some more tutorials that will give you the most important things to know when it comes to customizing the vocal effects.

6. Save, share, and favorite. Once you've got the settings the way you like, hit "Save as" to give it a name and cover art (optional). Hit the menu button in the top right to share or delete. This new preset will appear in your "Custom" collection and you can add it to your favorites.