How to edit & mix your song

02/24/2022 05:15   •   2min read

Editing and mixing your song can be the most tedious and challenging obstacle for artists. Refining the vocal effects is often the difference maker to give you that professional sound. Rapchat's studio was designed to be simple enough for beginners, but powerful enough for experienced artists to sound good on their phone. This tutorial walks through the basics for finalizing your songs in Rapchat.

How to edit & mix your songs in 9 Steps:

1. Balance Volume Levels. Click on the mixing icon to view the levels for each track. Adjust the beat and each of your vocals to a level that sounds good to you.

2. Apply Vocal Effects. Use the different vocal effects to give your song a professional sound. Here is a quick overview of the most common presets that are popular today:

  • Tune: adjusts the pitch of your voice to match the key of the beat
  • Radio: filters your natural voice to give it a vintage sound
  • Reverb: used to make vocals sound mixed within the beat
  • Chorus: creates an ensemble of one audio file into 2, or 3 using different octaves with the elements of a choir

3. Customize Vocal Effects. If you double tap the vocal effects, you'll see a menu of parameters that you can customize. Won't cover these in detail in this overview since this is a more advanced feature.

4. Decide if you want to Auto-trim. Click on the settings to view options. Turning off Auto-Trim will leave the remainder of the beat playing after the vocals. Keeping it turned on will trim that portion.

5. Give the song a final check. Once finished with your track, listen back to your mix. Make sure your volume levels are all balanced. Make sure there is very little to no harshness or background noise. If the mix is good to go, then you can begin the process of exporting it.


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