Pa white boy but not your average a crazy artist sound like no other white boy I respect music it got me tru my strongest hardest situations I’m 24 years old I just turned few weeks ago certainly in one of the hardest times of my life I have beautiful 4 year old son and sexy baby mother she does some of my adlibs ft my songs but I’ve been locked up in and out of my life for long periods of time as I was growing up my eye was stuck on things that I couldn’t offered come from a family with low income mother recovering drug addicted grew up with single mother and older sister and we shared home with are grandparents who raised us father passed at the age 15 made me the man of the house I’ve been making hiphop and rapping and singing since age 12 for about 12 13 years of my life I’m far from your basic rapper I’m covered from neck down in tattoos currently fighting a felony lost my Home because of the case got eviction notice I live in the projects well did ... this rap shit is all I got or I’m back to the block and also don’t get it twisted I don’t talk anything I don’t live in real life I did have to hustle to survive and for a whitekid to be trapper it wasn’t always the easy I have many try to step on my toes or pull my card but it’s all REAL RAP ain’t no CAP in my rap my goal is to get my baby’s a home and get out the slums one day never selfish if I got it you got it if he can’t brake bread he fake had one more $ buck on my plate me bro we was in the store and we both got 50€Cakes as I was locked up for most all my teens I made music and tryed to run up some racks $$$$ was always the mission but eventually the rap was the last thing I did and my last opinion trapping was my first strong suit good with sale ...... so hopefully I can sell this music and y’all fuck wit me I’ve been ran from shots thots opps and cops never coped it or told in my life I’m good in all the jails respected by some of the realest over looked and hated by many I have outstanding heart that everlasting hustle BLACK sheep of the FAMILY only boy and the youngest lived in Philly because the courts sent me out there for little when I was locked up but mainly from Exeter west pittston Wilkes-Barre area Plymouth Kingston from small lil city near Scranton I’m not another Mac Miller R.I.P nor eminem or g eazy I’m summed up into way more Violent way of rap much respect too them artists but I’m just different and I’m just trying to be me ain’t trying to copy no names but I’ve struggled my hole life no stability so I was mostly in the streets learning new copping skills then most kids around my way my town is actually know for retirement and elderly citizens both some parts of the neck can get greddy but it’s town where most don’t ever make it out THE VALLEY is where I be at 570 goal is to be your top5 favorite white artists if the rap don’t work I’m back to the block small so I always keep knock R.I.p and I’m not talking speaker knockers ONCE again not trying to be anything I’m not or apply or disrespect anyone not in any GANGS but I keep it lil Just a little GANGSTA but be around many GANG affiliated but also a lot of normal people also I got respect and love for any set Free the jails and my brothers locked down and all my homies in the Sky long live the ones that couldn’t see me do this Y’all the reason I do it dropped out no ged still trying to figure out how to be father yet chase my dreams and at the same time provide for family and myself we got mouths to feed so I got mouth full of pain to talk about I’m trying to find a better way out I done lost everything designer clothes from retro Jordan’s Gucci belts guns game systems phones my own FREEDOM currently in the mix on my BIgest come up of them all at the lowest all you can do is go up KEEP me in your PRAYERS Also you in your PLAYLIST just was released from jail with changed way of thinking the music keeps flowing me it’s always my last thought but it’s always there so that’s why I’m here putting the Flava in ye EARS Tella friend to tell a friend It’s your favorite white boy local rapper on the rise please share me let the world hear my story I got baby to feed let me get this $$$$$$ SECOND PAGE Nina_yayo570 I trademark Nina_Yayo I gotta 9 I keep 9 on me NAME TRADEMARKED 2021