Beat Collections

All the beat collections on Rapchat featuring type beats from Drake, Kanye, JCole, YoungBoy, and more
Upbeat, EDM beats inspired by Calvin Harris
Beats inspired by the producer group Internet Monet
Beats inspired by Ari Lennox
Beats inspired by PnB Rock
Beats inspired by Black Soprano Family
Beats inspired by Yeat
Beats inspired by ones used for strong female rappers
Beat inspired by Reallykutoff
Beats inspired by the hit TV series Game Of Thrones
Deep House beats.
Beats that sound like The Midnight.
Beats inspired by DJ Khaled
Lofi Beats to study to-Rapchat Edition! Perfect for back to school!
Beats inspired by Nine Inch Nails and industrial music.
CG Beat's greatest hits
Beats prominently featuring horns.
Pop Punk inspired beats.
Classic Hip Hop beats.
Beats with heavy electronic/dubstep influence.
Beats inspired/made by Brazilian Afro Hop Producers/Artists.