Easy Challenge Entry, Quick Song Upload & More!

11/03/2022 06:20   •   2min read

We've got a TON of new features packed into the new iOS 9.1.0 update...

  • Easy challenge entry - no more hashtags!
  • Find challenges easier
  • Browse beat playlists
  • Quick song uploads
  • Fresh new home feed
  • Better user reporting
  • Pro studio unlocked for ALL users

Easy challenge entry - no more hashtags!

We made it waaaay easier to find and enter artist challenges from our redesigned challenge platform. You no longer need to worry about using the right hashtag—just choose the way that you want to enter!

Find challenges easier

Now you can browse all the challenges in one place so you never miss a chance to compete for prizes and clout.

Browse beat playlists

Browse all beat playlists in one place to find whatever you are looking for. Drill Beats, Bad Bunny Type, or Country Trap? Time to do some crate digging!

Quick song uploads

Hit the quick upload icon from your profile to quickly import your existing songs to Rapchat

Fresh new home feed

Now it's easier to browse the Following & Featured feeds to check out the latest songs that have dropped. Show some love with a 🔥 or comment!

Better user reporting

We want the Rapchat community to be a safe place for all music creators and added some new options that make it easier to report problems with other users:

  • Spam / Scams
  • Threats or Harassment
  • Hate Speech
  • Offensive Content

***Only for reporting users, we will have support for reporting songs soon!

Pro studio unlocked for ALL users

We rebuilt the recording studio from the ground up with powerful new features that are available for all users now (not just Gold Members):

  • Trim, splice, copy/paste, and drag vocals
  • Loop any portion of the song while recording
  • Duplicate, move, and rename layers
  • Zoom in and out to get more precision
  • Select input microphone to get the best-quality recording
  • Auto Save and Undo/Redo so you never lose your work
  • 10x more powerful performance to handle more vocal layers

Got feedback or more ideas? Let us know at squad@rapchat.com