100 Rap Song Ideas

07/12/2022 10:21   •   2min read

Looking for some inspiration for your next song? Here's a list of 100 ideas to get started...

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  1. Your city or neighborhood growing up
  2. Your city or neighborhood today
  3. A world event that makes you upset
  4. A family relationship
  5. Getting paid
  6. Not having money
  7. Something you learned the hard way
  8. A cause you are passionate about
  9. Your lover
  10. Your ex
  11. Your ex’s lover
  12. Real life
  13. Something you’re proud of
  14. Something big you are going to accomplish
  15. A true story
  16. A made up story
  17. Your goal as a rapper
  18. Why should other’s take you seriously
  19. Someone that wronged you
  20. A life event that shaped you
  21. Something you’ve got to get off your chest
  22. Something you regret
  23. Your religious beliefs
  24. What get’s you pumped up
  25. Someone that deserves a shout out
  26. Your favorite activity
  27. Something you do to chill
  28. A funny story
  29. Your haters
  30. Your fans
  31. Something you wish you could change
  32. Something you would never change
  33. Rap as if you are someone else (ie you’re rich, incarcerated, a kid, in a very different situation)
  34. What you overcame to get where you are today
  35. Life as a ______
  36. What you think of other music artists
  37. Your bucket list
  38. What you would do with a million dollars
  39. Making love
  40. Being in nature
  41. Feeling alive
  42. Feeling down
  43. Mourning someone you lost
  44. The music industry
  45. An epic party
  46. Your mother or father
  47. Your kid
  48. A good friend
  49. A sibling
  50. Your rap skills
  51. Your looks or style
  52. The Summer
  53. Fall, Winter, Spring
  54. Driving in your car
  55. Your go-to spot
  56. An injustice you hate
  57. The system
  58. Empowerment for a group of people
  59. First time you met your lover
  60. A break up
  61. Your average day
  62. Your job
  63. Dancing
  64. Point of view of a famous character
  65. A dream you had
  66. A historical event
  67. Something beautiful
  68. What keeps you awake at night
  69. Falling in love
  70. Falling out of love
  71. An argument (rap from both sides)
  72. Weed, Drugs
  73. Depression
  74. The Beach
  75. School
  76. Favorite sport
  77. Crypto
  78. Traveling
  79. Working out
  80. Quitting your job
  81. An out-of-body experience you had
  82. Your childhood
  83. Your favorite philosophical theory
  84. Finding peace of mind
  85. Your celebrity crush
  86. A toxic relationship
  87. Self-love
  88. A time you felt abandoned
  89. A time you felt victorious
  90. Spiritual enlightenment
  91. Something that’s ironic
  92. If you could write a letter to your younger self
  93. What is it like being you
  94. What you hope people will say about you after you die
  95. A strange experience you had
  96. Something that gives you hope
  97. A question you want answered
  98. Government or authorities
  99. An early memory
  100. Why you make music