Announcing the Pro Studio

09/21/2022 02:33   •   1min read

It's finally here! The all-new Rapchat Pro Studio empowers music creators everywhere to make streaming quality songs right on their phones. We’ve rebuilt our recording studio from the ground up with more powerful editing features such as:

  • Trim, splice, copy/paste, and drag vocals
  • Loop any portion of the song while recording
  • Duplicate, move, and rename layers
  • Zoom in and out to get more precision
  • Select the input microphone to get the best-quality recording
  • Auto Save and Undo/Redo so you never lose your work
  • 10x more powerful performance to handle more vocal layers

This follows our earlier announcement that we partnered with Antares® and Grammy-winning audio engineers to give artists hundreds of new presets, Auto-Tune®, and powerful customizations to get a professional studio sound right on your phone:

  • Auto-Tune®, the music industry standard for pitch correction and vocal effects
  • 50+ Premium Effects mixed by Grammy-winning audio engineers
  • Artist Type Presets to get a similar sound to artists like Future, Travis Scott, and Kanye
  • Full Customization so you can fine-tune your own signature sound
  • Automatic Key Detection for effortless customization
  • Share your custom vocal effects with other artists and the community

The Pro Studio is now available to all iOS users in the latest app update.