Ivory Suddz


Yes, most of my stuff is free style but you will need to know none of my stuff is finished product. This is just my creation so eventually when I own copyright on beats eventually, I plan to get stuff on more platforms get stuff main stream. I do eventually get want to get to the studio and take some of my creations to a studio finalize the project make it sound better make it sound right make it sound better quality so don’t compare my stuff to finish product all this shit here is rough cut one take at the moment of the beat. Also, my spotlight songs are not always my best songs since I have so many songs I just keep changing in my spotlight here in there, so never think that my spotlight songs are my best or favourite songs. I just put them up there to get a little more exposure, thank you to all those who like my music I appreciate you let’s all get better. Let’s enjoy your life you have Rapchat. Let’s all reach our goals this year 2023. Many of us see is our year so let’s make it happen. Let’s do this..