How to find the best beats

02/18/2022 05:09   •   2min read

The first step in making a song is to choose the right beat. The top artists on Rapchat spend a lot of their time in the app browsing the beats library (AKA Crate Digging!) to find a unique beat that inspires them. Hundreds of producers are adding new beats every day so it's important to check the beats page often.

One of the biggest reasons artists love Rapchat is the 150k+ free beats

6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Beats:

  1. Navigate to the Beats Library by clicking on the Beats Icon “🎹” in the bottom toolbar.

2. Use the search bar located at the top of the screen to search for beats by entering various types, moods, genres, producer names, beat names, etc.

Here are some ideas: Trap, Old School, Drill, Travis Scott, Drake, Happy, Sad...

3. Find beats in a similar style to your favorite artists by browsing the “Type Beats” collections

4. You can also view beats that are Featured, Hot, or New

  • Featured: These beats have been personally selected by the staff to feature on the app
  • Hot: Beats that haven’t been featured, but have been starting to become popular with other Rapchat artists
  • New: Beats that have recently been uploaded

5. If you like a beat, you can save it by clicking on the flame to favorite it and find those in your "Favs" section

6. Once you have found a beat that you would like to record over, tap it and then press “Record” to make your way into the studio!


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