How to customize vocal effects

04/08/2022 08:21   •   1min read

Intro to Customizing Vocal Effects on iOS

1. Monitor your vocals while you record. You can hear your vocal effects live while you record which is important to getting the right vocals for Auto-Tune.

2. Adjust the Retune speed for your voice. Everyone has a unique singing style and voice so you'll want to adjust the "Retune" up or down until you think it sounds good. Hint: Lower speeds closer to 0 give you more of the "T-Pain" effect, while closer to 100 will help you sound more natural.

3. Pay attention to your delivery. Performance is everything when it comes to using Auto-Tune. You need to adjust the way you sing in order to get a different sound from the Auto-Tune.

4. Customize settings for YOUR voice. The presets in Rapchat are a great place to start, but you'll get the best results when you adjust the settings to make your own signature sound.

5. Use Reverb. You sound better in the shower for a reason. A little Reverb will polish your vocals and help you vibe out. Increase the "Dry/Wet" up a little until it sounds good to you.


Sky Jordxn: Youtube