l may not be online all of the time but know that I πŸ€” think of you all for the good everyday ... I made the offline for a while then maybe some things I may have to do but I will always try to return... please enjoy the music like share and comment. and I will respond when I can. let me tell you all some things about me... I'm the kind of person that doesn't start anything unless it started with me...but if I feel the beef is not worth it then I will ignore it and decline the battle... when it comes to love. yeah on faithful but I'm faithful to God number one...a woman going to have to really give everything to get me.. my life is somewhat complicated but I am single.. what are my goals and interest? serve and Loving GOD, make money the right way, help people in every way I can that doesn't shame me or my GOD, realestate, entertainment, movie industries, martial arts, artistry of all kind even sculpturing statues, singing, rapping, I love fishing, I love to train and exercise, I love movie nights, I love game nights, when I had a bea I like being at home with my family... don't like to hang out in the streets, and I don't invite n****** to my house, we meet out in the street houses and family. my media family. haven't tried hunting yet. but I think it would be fun.. camping yeah I can do that too. reading, learning I love to do that.. not was just on the internet but was in a book.. some things books having them that you won't find on the internet. just saying. painting, also like doing coughing to work and building things with my hands. man of all trades ..but I can do much much more... but that would take forever to tell you... I am who I am.. and that is all I can be... it's the one size of the negative about me you know everybody have haters but I'm more loved than hated ... anyone has any questions for me ask me... DM me and I will give you period my number to reach me... but you can't be beefing and talking crazy only people who are respectable or loud here... no beef zone. but if you have beef for the wrong reasons and you need to hear it from me whether something to be true or not we can talk about that too. and maybe I can change your mind. all right may God bless you all as he wells to do. straight-up-NO-GAMES-TRUTH... OH YEAH IN MY SPARE TIME I AM A GAMER I LIKE THE VIDEO GAMES... PS .. I don't know how long if I'm going to be allowed to stay on here. but just know the real Pd angel, ULC1 , RIZUOL, AND THE TEAM LOVES YOU ALL... YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME ON YOUTUBE UNDER THE NAME.. RIZUOL... AND THERE ARE OTHER WEBSITES AS WELL THAT I WILL NOTIFY YOU OF THE FUTURE IF I'M STILL HERE... I WILL ALSO PROVIDE A SECONDARY NUMBER SOON WHERE I CAN BE REACHED IF I'M ALLOWED TO DO SO.. ALSO WRITE MOVIE SCRIPTS I'M LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WITH NO EXPERIENCE THERE MAY NOT BE ANY MONEY INVOLVED RIGHT NOW BUT THEY'RE THE CHANCE FOR EXPOSURE... YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT ACTOR, WHAT ARTIST WHAT PRODUCER MAY SEE YOU IN THE MOVIE I MAY HAVE SOME THINKING AND SOME OF THE MOVIES AS WELL, HORROR MOVIE ACTION ALL OF THE NINE. EVERY KIND OF MOVIE I WANT TO DO. STRAIGHT UP EVEN MARVEL TYPE HERO MOVIES... PEACE BE WITH Y'ALL MUCH LOVE FOREVER πŸ™πŸ½πŸ”₯πŸŽ€πŸŽΌπŸ’™βž•πŸ’™πŸŽΌπŸŽ€πŸ”₯πŸ™πŸ½... LOVE YOU ALL FLEX THAT.. TRY TO STAY FREE... BY THE WAY THESE ARE JUST SOME OF MY NAMES (( RIZUOL KENRYOSUN... YOU CAN FIND THIS NAME ON YOUTUBE )) ,ULC1 , PDA, PD ANGEL . THE REAL PD ANGEL.. TEAM GHOST WRITERS, CONFETTI CLUB RIDERS ... KUNG FU JOE, LEGEND, HOLY ASSASSIN , THE PROPHET, AND MORE. .. do me a favor all of you G out there shut these haters mouths up... about me.. also to the people who are pretending to be me. stop it. I have put a face to one of my names. here it is.. but if someone says that they are me tell them to do everything that I do in these songs and also tell them to cover every voice at the same time and also tell them to do my martial arts moves that I do in my videos as well. and if they can't do them. make them catch a cell somewhere beneath the ground. so they won't be trying to steal anyone else's identity music or anything else. very disgraceful. well hopefully soon I will be making full length movies. but I only want regular people who have really truly no experience acting. and this will give them a chance to be exposed to the industry even more for their talent.. and much more thank you. remember every character I created every one of these names are the same person me.. every voice, every note song, God's gift.. last but not least real ULC1 .... which means ..underworld Lord crusher .. all war is not just physical but a spiritual as well strings in your mind body spirits and souls, become a complete warrior. know GOD... and remember God loves his warriors too women and men love yourself as well forgive yourself for the past and keep going period and forgive others that have hurt you as well. live